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Hey, I’m going to Europe doing a “Dogman 99” Workshop and mini video tour with Ola Vasiljeva. Check it out if you live in The Netherlands. Also an E*Rock show with 20 Jazz Funk Greats DJs!
Jan 15-17, 2007 – MAKE YOUR OWN DOGMAN 99 MOVIE (Wyld File Workshop) @ IMPAKT Utrecht, Netherlands.
Jan 18 2007 – SCREENING+PERFORMANCE: E*Rock & Ola Vasiljeva @ IMPAKT Utrecht, Netherlands.
Jan 20 2007 – SCREENING+PERFORMANCE: E*Rock & Ola Vasiljeva @ Den Haag, Netherlands, Netherlands.
Jan 22 2007 – SCREENING+PERFORMANCE: E*Rock & Ola Vasiljeva @ Extrapool, Nijemgan, Netherlands.
Jan 27 2007 – ULTIMATE POWER! with E*Rock live – brought to you by 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Brighton, UK.

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4 Responses to Video Mini Tour

  1. JaclynJean says:

    you’re gonna have to learn what roosters say in dutch because i have no clue this time.
    but this might come in handy:
    Alstublieft, kunt u me vertellen of de duivel hier woont?
    (it means “Excuse me, can you tell me if Satan lives here?”)
    have fun! xoxo

  2. jeffrey says:

    HEY MAN!!! when you get back, let’s get working on our CARTOON!!!… i’ll draw up some ideas!!! BOO YAA!!!

  3. thanh says:

    hey cool web! love to hear the sound someday!

  4. thanh says:

    awesome drawing!

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