THE END (of this blog)!?

ATTENTION: I meant to tell you this earlier, but I havent’ been updating this blog in quite some time. All new posts regarding Art/Music/Design/ E*Rock or otherwise are now¬†HERE.

Its been many years (2004-2011!!!), but I needed to consolidate my web output. I’ve finally gotten the blog design that I’ve always wanted as well!

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4 Responses to THE END (of this blog)!?

  1. Mikey says:

    And hopefully we’ll be able to add the new blog to the front page of UrHo soon!

  2. E*Rock says:

    I think we could probably add this plugin to re-post from the ADR WP feed?

  3. Jona says:


  4. E*Rock says:

    Jona, your Mike Merill and I have been talking about this, and we’ve decided to blog some blogs apart. We wanted to let you know that it doesn’t have anything to do with you and isn’t your fault. Well, not totally your fault.

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