A New Reality Begins Tonight!

Basketball Refugees!

We all know that the current reality in the professional basketball landscape is disappointing and is now a vacuum of the sport that we love.

We propose a NEW REALITY, a parallel universe where basketball starts tonight.
It’s the NRBA (New Reality Basketball Association).
The season will be played.
We will provide results, box scores, standings, league leaders, AND some video highlights, analysis, and chatter.
The games will be powered by a full season simulation on NBA 2K12.

To get in game updates and more follow the tweets:
NRBA on Twitter.

Will this be the season that the Heat start their dynasty?
Do the Mavs have another run in them?
Are the Lakers past their relevance?
Are the Thunder the next San Antonio Spurs or will they never get to the promise land like the Sacramento Kings?
Are the Knicks a contender or just conversation piece?

Game updates starting tomorrow!

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  1. Mike Merrill says:

    I’m really excited to see some highlights!

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