getting fit

I would love to take this moment to write a clever, witty post about my workout tonight at the college weight room. How I checked out a tiny towel, how I read an US magazine on the elliptical machine-cover to cover! How when I was showering afterwards, many fully dressed- and I’m talking high-heeled boots and winter coats- women kept walking through the shower room. Like, maybe getting sprayed by my shower. Because, you know, it was a SHOWER ROOM!
But I am too worn out to be clever and witty. Sorry.
Wednesdays are such long days for me!! So many classes!!
Wow. I really got nothing tonight. I guess I have no choice but to redeem myself with cute pictures of my 1st grade classroom.
Here are some self-portraits.
And this is “Number Corner.”
And um, the blocks.
Maybe blogging on Wednesdays is a bad idea. Sorry.

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4 Responses to getting fit

  1. james says:

    blogging is never a bad idea. also, i really admire the neatly stacked and organized wood blocks! i think im going to have to make some for my room too.

  2. Mikey says:

    I also noticed the neatly stacked blocks… though I thought maybe it was a little much… I mean, kids, they could maybe pull a block from a bucket. :)

  3. david says:

    The pictures are so nice. The little self portraits are so cute and happy seeming. It’s cool to see where you spend your days.
    Also, it’s amazing to imagine that people our age were in charge of me when I was in 1st grade. Well, not of me, specifically, but in charge of people my age.

  4. Sweet Lucy says:

    Can I be in your class?
    I’d much rather play with blocks and have you for a teacher-friend than write my papers!

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