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Eli’s Coming… (hide your heart)

That’s a Sport’s Night ref, fyi. Eli’s not really, coming, my dad is. He’ll be here in a couple of hours and I’m very excited. The last time he was here was when I graduated from my undergrad program four … Continue reading

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you know how that goes

Liz wrote a really nice entry yesterday about the drive from Denver to Tacoma, where she went to college. I was sitting in Steve’s living room when I read it and he told me I was crazy because I kept … Continue reading

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new homes

Today marked two homecomings of sorts for Willow Wonder. First, I visited my new school and was introduced to the classroom that will be mine in the fall. How do you do? It’s pretty nice, despite the fluorescent lights and … Continue reading

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Ok, no more teasers

I’ve been alluding to it for some time, but now it’s time to officially own up. Mike and I unbroke-up about three weeks ago. It feels a little weird to announce it, because I know when people tell me that … Continue reading

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at last

Well, okay. It’s been a long time since my last ecstatic post about my killer new job. I intended to fill y’all in on the stomach-churning interview with the Big Man, but then… well. I graduated. And my mom came … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…

WILLOW!! That’s right! I will post the hilarious/excruciating details of my final interview later when I’m not so wound up, but the long and short of it is I GOT THE JOB!!! The really really awesome job teaching 1st grade … Continue reading

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