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Lucie, Darcy, Emily… True American Heroes

Man, these ladies are cool. I posted the “Awkward Plea” on my blog and a sweet three days later a package arrived in the mail from one Overarching Lucie containing two volumes for my library- “The Lorax,” and “The Lotus … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde

My mom is an astrologer. When I was a kid she created astrological charts for people for extra money. I’ve know my whole life that the reason I’m so stubborn is because I have a Taurus rising, and that my … Continue reading

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An Awkward Plea

So I’ve been putting off this entry for a while because it feels really weird to solicit mostly strangers to help me with my job, but here goes: In just over a month I will be starting my first year … Continue reading

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What the Heck, 2006?

I entered a cynic and walked away a believer. Which is to say I was not pumped about Shipwreck Days this year. In fact, I almost didn’t go. Mike and Steve had to seriously pump me up for it, which … Continue reading

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sometimes I feel so happy, sometimes I feel so sad…

It’s like I go through periods that are so nice that I’ll read the paper or something and blink a few times and then go, “Oh yeah. The rest of the world.” In those times I feel hopeful and sane, … Continue reading

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calling all heroes…

…check out this cool new Hero Club I heard about. (And by “heard about” I mean “started.”) I’m reading the Promethea comics and the novel Fortress of Solitude to get warmed up. Want in?

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before and after

I’m mostly settled into my new apartment. My first full day here I spent unpacking almost all of my boxes and organizing things neatly on shelves and in drawers. Now I have about 5 boxes spread out in awkward places … Continue reading

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