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highlight (blooper?) reel

I did not blog for a long time because: a) I got sick of the movie, b) I went to Denver and had limited Internet times. I was keeping a mental log of great anecdotes to share here on PerfHart, … Continue reading

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it’s raining right here

They are making rain on my street now. Imagine manufacturing a rainstorm in Oregon! Ha ha ha ha ha. And yet they are doing it: Lots of stuff is happening in my life besides this blasted movie, you know. Like… … Continue reading

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star pics!!!

Well, one pic. Here’s MISter GREg KINnear, in his big scene: It’s an action film. You can tell by all the pyrotechnics! This movie thing is actually getting to be sort of a drag. They started setting up equipment on … Continue reading

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a quiet day on set

No stars present today, though the director is hard at work… looking at blueprints? Large maps? A poster? I don’t know. But I remain ever vigilant: And Fresh Pot remains disguised as Jitters: I will keep you abreast of all … Continue reading

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more stars!

* Radha Mitchell (the woman from Melinda Melinda) * Mike Mills (from REM) (He is not involved in “Feast of Love.” He is recording with REM sans Stipe down the street at Mississippi Studios) And that’s the latest from the … Continue reading

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Star Sightings!!

The movie stars are on my street. I just arrived home from Rebecca’s birthday lunch at Ye Olde Spaghetti Factory and glanced out my window at the Fresh Pot (now ridiculously renamed “Jitters” for the duration of the filming.) Who … Continue reading

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here are some things

1. I don’t care what you say. “Lady in the Water” is a good movie. There are flaws. I won’t deny that. But the characters are so likable and the story is refreshing somehow. Not your typical thriller/hero story/dramady. There … Continue reading

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