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slave to the glowing box

So I am officially a slave to my television. Or rather, to the TV on DVD that I obsessively rent from Video Verite. I have crossed the line of seeing characters as characters, and I now see many of them … Continue reading

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the soft sell

SOUTH AFRICAN BOY IN MY CLASS: Ms Wonder, remember how on your birthday we had a dance party? ME: Yes. BOY: Well, that dance party was a kid idea right, not your idea? ME: Right… BOY: So sometime you do … Continue reading

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party season

I’ve been getting out a bit more this month. It started with the awesome Fresh Pot Five Year Anniversary Party held in the ballroom below my apartment. OMG. It was SO. FUN. Quasi played. QUASI!! aka probably my favorite Portland … Continue reading

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welcome to the future, willow mcc.

Check me out! My tax refund was EXACTLY enough to pay for the new MacBook that I’ve been literally pinching pennies for. (Turns out not much happens when you pinch a penny. It heats up a little, but that’s it.) … Continue reading

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