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hey there, horse girl!

I am not ashamed to say that I am a Horse Girl. You know the type- long hair (well, not that part), a faraway look, a Little House on the Prairie paperback sticking out of her coat pocket. Every Horse … Continue reading

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I swim, I read, I kea

You might be wondering how I am spending my summer. Well. For one thing Mike is helping me to become a better swimmer. When he was in high school he was on the swim team, and so he has great … Continue reading

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photograpic evidence of the crime

I feel fairly confident that this rock will remain in the street forever.

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a true account of a crime and it’s aftermath

Tonight I was witness to an admittedly petty crime. About an hour ago I was settling into a book of short stories on the couch while Sleepy Mikey was going to sleep. I live on a busy corner, and my … Continue reading

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