Power Year

On February 9, 2011 I will turn 31. I will be in my 30’s. I feel compelled at this juncture to make some life changes- not major, but definite. I take my inspiration from Megan Quicke’s Power Year. Embracing and modifying her model I am embarking on a Power Year of my own. I have identified key areas of my life that I would like to Enhance in order to raise my median level of happiness.

My good friend Amy Harwood is curating this portion of the project. She has selected eight hikes in Oregon for me to take; I will select an additional four. Amy will be my sometimes companion on these wanderings, but you can come too!
Let’s face it: I can’t touch my toes. I’ve been attending yoga classes 0-3 times per month for years and haven’t gotten measurably closer. Thus I challenge myself to attend 52 or more yoga classes in my 31st year. I will track my toe-touching progress here.
I’ve been taking lessons from the venerable Katy Davidson and I’d like to competently play 6 songs by the time I turn 32. As I master each song I will post videos of myself performing them.
I read too many damn magazines- The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, Sunset, Vanity Fair, The NYT Magazine… I don’t reserve enough time for good old fashioned books. Liz and Jae are taking the lead on this one. Each lady is assigning me six books to read in the course of my Power Year; I will select an additional six myself.
I like to sew. I never make time for it. My goal is 4 completed projects in the next 365 days.
Ever since I became a teacher I have felt slightly out of sync with my friends. I don’t seem to make time to hang deep with my homies like I did before I was a career woman. I know it ain’t easy; the older you get the less you even use the word “homies.” But I want to stay connected. 104 hang outs should do the trick. I’ll track them in a flickr album and in the pie charts below:
(Pie charts under construction)

Music Appreciation
I have been listening to the same old Built to Spill, Neil Young, and Little Wings albums on repeat for years- I need to expand my horizons! I’ve enlisted twelve friends to craft mixes for me. I’ll listen to each one obsessively for a month and go deep with the new bands/tracks I encounter.
I will take twelve overnight trips away from Portland. Some adventures are already in the works. That is all for now.
I will seize opportunities for adventure and fun as they arise; I will not shy away from danger.

7 Responses to Power Year

  1. zarah says:

    i love power years!!!

  2. Dale Gardner says:

    A very commendable endeavor, Willow. I wish you the very best on your goals.
    And may you have a very Happy Birthday, followed by many, many more, all filled with love and joy. Hope to see you one of these days soon. – Dale

  3. Very inspiring indeed; may you aim high ( or low, in the case of your toes), and may you enjoy the process!

  4. kaitlyn says:

    hello there.
    this is a cool project. i feel ya on the listening to built to spill, neil young, + little wings. i too have them on repeat + look forward to what music you will discover this year!
    best of luck.


  5. Gary says:

    Thanks! What a delightful find. A well spent evening. =)

  6. Ed says:

    hey, did my previous comment come thru? feel free to delete this one if so, if not, you’re pretty charming, i found you at 7 this am while googling “sadness of time travel” (trying to hold onto some strange dream), found a blog from years back sorta about that, and i wanted to share a mix — which in retrospect, i would’ve also put gp’s “ooh las vegas” on :)

    http://wtrns.fr/_k1Zp0J3182f1tM (btw non-firefox apps seem to make we transfer crash)

  7. Ed says:

    awwwwww my original comment was so much cooler :/

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