Absolutely amazing- Victoria Hanna

Victoria Hanna- The Works- September 14 2005 10pm
Absolutely amazing- Victoria Hanna
Catie O’Keefe
She is probably the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and I’m glad I got a chance to hear her work. I’m late to the show because of another show that ran over but still in time to see plenty of Victoria. For a while, I watch the additional screen set up over the entrance of The Works because I’m too short to stand in the back and see over all of those people. I’ve come during I don’t know what song but she’s yelling in Hebrew while wearing a very long blue dress and the image itself is amazing. Her voice, even yelling, is beautiful and rich. Her gorgeous eyes scan the audience engaging everyone in her art. Her band is amazing and her visuals only add to the mood of the music.
I eventually make my way up to the front of the stage and the show is even more incredible. As I look around, people everywhere are transfixed on her. Though she doesn’t really move much and she has limited props, her show is very entertaining. Even the really white girls who are dancing a mix of the robot and something they saw out of a Bollywood film to Victoria Hanna’s music add a bit to the entertainment.
I have nothing bad to say about this wonderful artist. She’s one of the first musical artists that I’ve really enjoyed at The Works so far. Her act wasn’t forced or weird just for the sake of being weird. It was natural and from her heart. Her sweet voice made me want to take a day off of work, lie around the house and drink in the rich sounds of music. Again I’m so glad I got to see her. What an amazing artist!!!

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