How heavy are My thoughts? – The truth of it all!

Ivana Müller- How Heavy are My Thoughts? Wednesday September 14 6pm
How heavy are My thoughts? – The truth of it all
Catie O’Keefe
On Thursday September 15 at around 10am in the morning I fainted at work. The cause was not, as the EMT’s and hoards of ER doctors told me, low blood sugar or dehydration. The cause was not lack of food in my stomach or even locking my knees. The answer they gave me was that I had fainted from stress. So I guess Ivana Müller was right. My thoughts were so heavy that I fell right over.
Really it’s no laughing matter. I could have hit my head on something when I fell or have some hidden tumor that will cause it to happen again but for now . . .I think it’s rather interesting to consider the idea that my brain had so much to process that it was conquered by gravity. It’s also peculiar that this happened the morning after I saw Ivana. Maybe she gave me too much to ponder and it overloaded my nero-circuits causing my brain to gain the extra weight in all the blood and oxygen it needed.
Even if I hadn’t collapsed I would still have thought about the question, how heavy are my thoughts? It’s a damn good question and it’s about time someone posed it. I found the performance to be an interesting mix of quirky stage comedy and docudrama. Perhaps a mockumentary is the best way to describe it. Still it’s not a bad question and it was presented in an intriguing manner.
I smiled a bit as the women next to me whispered, “I wonder if she’s going to come out at the end?” and I knew she wouldn’t, mostly because I read someone’s blog before I went to see the show and they started it by saying that she never comes out, but also because it just wouldn’t have been right. The lack of I.M’s physical presences makes the show more believable. All in all there’s not too much to say about this piece. You either liked it or you didn’t. It was funny and ridiculous at times and then also serious and very sad.
Ivana Müller you made me laugh and you made me cry. Whether or not you made me fall down at work is debatable but at least you gave me something to think about while lying in my hospital bed.

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