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Senator Schumer works for Artists

I have a problem- I always get goofy for loud mouth liberals- Schumer was my hometown representative and my first political crush – now I have one more reason to love Senator Chuck…lets just hope this one passes. The New … Continue reading

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Ryan McGinness @ the PICA

Posted by Levi Hanes It has been a couple of weeks since the presentation/lecture. No real excuse for not writing anything about it except I had hoped to flesh out some lingering questions and maybe see if anything gelled in … Continue reading

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I wish wish wish wish – the new issue of ARTFORUM were available online, becuase it includes a stellar and thoughtful piece on TBA with words and wisdom about DJ Spooky, Ivana Muller, LoneTwin, Victoria Hanna, Lori Goldstone, Faustin Linyekula … Continue reading

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PORT on McGinness

The debate is on… is there a winner ? a loser? a white flag? a tie? when Art + Design +Concept + Commodity +Rip off + Cop-Opt + Multiverse + Universe get tossed into the ring – Katherine Bovee’spiece on … Continue reading

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