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Floating towards opening night …

Jeff Jahn at the local blog PORT recently posted about TBA artist David Eckard’s own blog chronicling the development of his soon-to-be revealed performance contraption, Float. One part logistics, one part meditation on his historical sources, and one part humorous … Continue reading

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First Word: Runway to Rooftop v.2

Looking beyond PICA’s TBA Festival, here’s the first word about the second annual Runway to Rooftop fashion show benefiting Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. The show, sponsored in part by Nordstrom will feature, according to the press release, designs from … Continue reading

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Get them while they’re HOT!!!

PICA’s Time Based Art Festival starts the first week of September. As tickets are really starting to move, I was just figuring out how I could see as much of everything as possible, get from one venue to another, … Continue reading

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Kiki and Herb are Everywhere

I think I remember hearing my grandfather (God rest his soul) talk about having seen Kiki and Herb perform at the Coconut Club in Guam, back when he was stationed there in the late fifties. Of course I could be … Continue reading

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I Heart Laurie Anderson

When I learned that Laurie Anderson would be performing for the TBA festival this year, my reaction was something like- “Are you effing serious?” You see, I have this bad habit of crudely asking people to confirm the factuality of … Continue reading

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SEX, DRAG AND ROCK & ROLL… or … How the staff at PICA are conspiring to deny me my sleep…

It’s already begun. Late nights staying up, leafing through my dog-eared copy of the TBA guide, marking and re-marking which events to attend and in what order. (“How fast could I run between events on opposite sides of town without … Continue reading

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Beating the Time Based Art clock

There is so much about TBA that is unique and challenging… Often, it isn’t just the art. With so much to see in so many different venues around our fair city, sometimes the most challenging aspect of the festival is … Continue reading

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My First TBA…and i’m quaking in my boots

I’d been hearing whispers about this holy grail of performance festivals for some time. Even before I moved to Portland. “It’s like if you took all of the Walker Art Center’s programming and shoved it into ten days,” they said … Continue reading

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mindblowing cheap stage effects aerialists leading boylesque performer force of nature! Hoontown Puppet Festival (Bangkok) “modern lexicon of suburban hell” artist-as-fighter Slovak-born professional statistician intellectual property law diorama form one super-party formal evening of R. Kelly songs Songs to Drown … Continue reading

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MPO, Music For The Masses

Brede Rorstad is a quiet force composing, conducting and collaborating his way through his latest project the Music Population Orchestra. Last week the MPO took to the streets, their brilliant noise fighting against the din of first thursday traffic and … Continue reading

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