Navigating the T:BA Festival

Here is something to help you figure-out your T:BA schedule:
Fredrick’s T:BA Matrix
Except for one conflict between the Donna Uchizono Workshop and a Noon:30 Chat at PNCA entitled “Pop! Crash! Boom!” on Saturday the 8th, it really is possible to see every single lecture, salon, performance, film, workshop and even sneak in a yummy meal at a local cafe.
See you out there!
Fredrick H. Zal
Architect | Sculptor | Advocate
Atelier Z
an.architecture and industrial design studio
advocating dialogue in the fine + applied arts

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  1. kr says:

    Except that everything is sold out by the time I arrive or try to make a reservation! What gives! I thought this pass would get me in to everything, but we have only been able to make a couple of shows so far unfortunately. :(

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