Skate Night! Ethan Rose CD Release at Oaks Park, Jan 27th

Holocene Records and PICA are throwing a roller rink party to launch the new album by PDX’s own Ethan Rose, whose music was recently used in Gus Van Sant’s movie Paranoid Park. Rose’s haunting electronic music reminds me of Colleen, and is similarly just the thing to load in your iPod and take on a walk at dusk.
Rose used the organ at Oaks Park to create the initial sounds for this album, which he then mixed and layered. There’s something creepy but appealing about his music which I expect to pair well with the nostalgia and weirdness of Oaks Park. Roller skating to it will feel like being in an old horror movie or episode of the Twilight Zone–you’ll want to keep skating in circles, but just don’t look behind you for the ghosts of skaters past.
If you go to First Thursdays then you were probably sucked into the crowd that stood captivated by Rose’s player piano at Tilt in the Everett Street Galleries last March. Rose rehabbed the piano, created a punched paper roll of music to feed it, recorded the sounds, and then remixed and broadcast the songs from within the piano. Other antique acoustic musical instruments and found objects, including broken music boxes, ghost through his albums.
And finally, there’s a promise of appearances from Portland’s elite roller skaters. I have no idea who that means (if not the derby girls), but it’s another reason to go. Admission includes skate rental.
Buy tickets here.
Listen to a sample by visiting Rose’s site or download the mp3 for On Wheels Rotating here.
Carissa Wodehouse
PICA blogger, member, enthusiast
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“Strap on your skates for a special concert at the historic Oaks Park Roller Rink by Portland composer and musician Ethan Rose (TBA 08). Rose’s new album entitled Oaks uses the pipes, instruments and sound effects of the 1926 Wurlizer Theater Organ to create an enchanting and ethereal soundscape. The evening will include live music by Ethan Rose and appearances by luminaries of Portland’s skating world, all in celebration of the release of the album on Holocene (USA), Baskaru (Europe), and Headz (Japan.)”

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