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Get a feel for what is to come with Ethan Rose’s Oaks Park concert next week. Both the Portland Mercury and Willamette Week have done some great interviews with Ethan.
“Rose’s infatuation with utilizing the fruits of the ancient Wurlitzer is absolutely pure. More an artist than your typical musician, Rose has been building, then demolishing, quiet instrumental soundscapes for quite some time now. His sculpted, gorgeous ambient structures are compiled with a frustrating level of detail–this music is akin to a ship in a bottle; you don’t know how it got there, but can appreciate its patient assembly. Rose’s finest works are delicate in nature, and barely tip the volume scales above a polite hum.”
–Portland Mercury
“His latest effort, the appropriately titled Oaks, is made chiefly from the Wurlitzer organ we’re investigating at Oaks Park. With some assistance from [organist Keith] Fortune, Rose set up a dozen microphones around the inside of the rink–which sits directly beneath the organ’s piping system–recording the organ’s tones and chintzy artificial percussion. Back in his home studio, these sanguine noises were elongated and turned inside out, then stitched into long pieces that can evoke melancholic and nostalgic feelings in the listener.”
–Willamette Week
Tues . Jan 27 . 8-10 pm (Doors at 7 pm. Admission includes skate rental.)
Oaks Park
7805 SE Oaks Park Way
Portland OR 97202
$10 Advance and Member Price
$12 General
All Ages
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