Dancing in the Aisles

janetpantsvideo.jpgExplode Into Colors/Janet Pants/Chris Hackett-Eyes Hands Mouth

9-4-09 The Works

2009 Time-Based Art Festival, PICA

Photo by G. Wilson

All Rights Reserved, PICA

by Emily Katz
Friday night’s performance at The WORKS, introduced me to the music of a band who I embarrassingly should have seen before. My studio/shop mate, Heather Treadway, who plays rhythm in Explode Into Colors, also designed the colorful jersey jumpsuits and dresses for the performance. I was lucky to peek into her creative process while she and Jane (Janet Pants) collaborated on shape, color, and fabric choices.

The performance switched back and forth between Explode into Colors warming up our ears with their tribal rock, Janet Pants dancing in her very signature way, and video vignettes telling us sweet stream of consciousness tales.
I remember seeing Janet Pants last year, a little while after T:BA, when she opened the show by Cloud Eye Control, Under Polaris, which I saw at Leftbank. I really enjoyed her dance then and this time the enjoyment was the same, even though her movements also seemed to be the same or very similar to what she danced that day, a year ago. There were moments where the video mimicked her modern and beautifully controlled movements, or was it the other way around?
At one point in the performance, Heather joined Janet, and they danced mostly synchronized to the music and each other.
The video portion of the performance was beautiful and poetic. I’m looking forward to seeing more from Chris Hackett.
All the while the band carried the piece forward, I just wish they would have played a music only encore, the crowd wanted to dance too!

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