Beginning June 5, the thirteen graduating students of Portland State’s MFA program will exhibit their work as GROWN UPS. For their exhibition catalog, the class approached three local art-scene thinkers: writer Camela Raymond, artist and PNCA Curator Mack McFarland, and PICA’s own Kristan Kennedy. Their answers became an email chain train-of-thought about the essential qualities of art, Portland’s relationship to the broader art world, the realities of the market, and the biggest issue of all: what it means to grow up.
From the catalog:

Kristan Kennedy: […] If I was at gunpoint at this moment and had to describe what qualities I would defend, I might say that the work must be brave, defiant, confusing, inspired, unapologetic (wait is that the same as defiant?), personal and it must rest somewhere between ugly and beautiful with an edge that makes one at once uncomfortable (queasy) and at the same time at peace (with mind engaged, but body rendered still).

You can download the full text (PDF) of their conversation here.

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