A Taxonomy of Chairs

As we continue to put our office to new uses with installations, performances, talks, and events, we find ourselves thinking about furniture. A lot. Furniture in the space, furniture out of the space. Furniture on casters, furniture on legs. Empty galleries for exhibits, crowded rooms of shelves and desks and chairs for months-long residencies. But when we talk about furniture at PICA, we’re really talking about chairs. For your consideration:


ball panton

bench breuer cube deckchair dots feltstool folding pink smith whitebeanbag

There’s always a seat for you at PICA.

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3 Responses to A Taxonomy of Chairs

  1. Rosine Evans says:

    this is perfect, Patrick ! Very refreshing – as many different chairs as there are PICA people genres but all sitting in anticipation for PICA’s performances !

    • Marty Kinsella says:

      Patrick, take a look at the Sayl Chair in the Herman Miller web site…it’s my new computer chair and will be forever! Love the list.

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