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Can you spot the differences?

Found after Saturday’s opening reception for New Arrangements, courtesy of Lucy Doughton.  Stop by to see the exhibit for yourself and make sure to pick up a gallery map, whether for wayfinding or coloring or doodling or pareidolia practice…

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Bookmarks, Chapter 2

Irregular updates on the comings-and-goings of our many, many alumni artists. just posted the edited video from their multi-camera shoot of Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol’s El Rumor del Incendio during TBA:12. Watch it again (with English subtitles to help). PICA friend … Continue reading

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A Taxonomy of Chairs

As we continue to put our office to new uses with installations, performances, talks, and events, we find ourselves thinking about furniture. A lot. Furniture in the space, furniture out of the space. Furniture on casters, furniture on legs. Empty … Continue reading

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What we’re reading: Dead Flowers

Breyer P-Orridge, Red Chair Posed, 2008 | p 15 / 16 | Dead Flowers, ed. Lia Gangitano | Published by Participant Inc. & VOXPOPULI Posted by Kristan Kennedy, Visual Art Curator “I want to be with you” I said, to … Continue reading

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Call it a New Year’s Resolution we’re soon to break, but we’ve been inspired to reboot our blog with some new series of posts. “Bookmarks” is a collection of web clippings, announcements, and random finds on PICA alums and friends. … Continue reading

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Book Tour NYC

At the beginning of January, a group from our staff flew to New York for the winter flurry of activity surrounding the annual APAP conference and a chance to visit our friends at Under the Radar, COIL, and American Realness. While … Continue reading

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And That’s How It’s Done:* Pop-up dance floor

An unbelievable amount of invisible work goes into each project we present. We tend to sweep that labor under the rug and tuck away our mess in a closet before the guests arrive. I guess we just want everything to … Continue reading

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water music

Claudia Meza Water White Box Gallery, University of Oregon, Portland Post and photos by Nicole Leaper Claudia Meza’s Water is intended as an interactive sonic experience. Housed in the White Box Gallery at UO’s Portland campus, Califone tape recorders hang … Continue reading

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Strike our debt/This is not a piece about gratitude

By Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen It’s nice when there is a collision between your immediate bibliography and your immediate experience. I saw everything I’ve been reading and more in the actions and reactions of Keith Hennessy and Circo … Continue reading

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The Office

We never complain, but my coworkers and I can never agree on the temperature in our office. My husband refers to celebratory occasions at his work as “the tyranny of birthday cake”. We spend the majority of our waking life … Continue reading

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