Bend or Bust!

bend or bust design roadtrip

We’ve been helping put this fun thing together — a 4-day design road trip curated by Civilization and FISK to take Seattle and Portland designers to Bend, Oregon for Bend Design and back.

Meals / lodging / transportation / shuttle bus / workshops / 3 days of tickets to Bend Design included.

The road trip will include stops in Seattle and Portland with design-related events and conversations. Full itinerary & tickets available at

Limited capacity available — get on the bus.

The conference itself is quite an exceptional opportunity. You can read an interview with me on the Bend Design blog talking about why I think this event is unique.

Come fail with us

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ArtistampsOur first six artist stamps are pictured above — from left to right, Ed Fella, Allan Bealy, Mia Nolting, Kentaro Okawara, Sally Wassink, and Walker Cahall. 

The Fella stamps are sold out, all others remain available. The poster stamps are printed on lickable, gummed paper and pinhole perforated by hand on our vintage machines. Each is signed and numbered by the artist.

Artistamp No. 6 is by artist Walker Cahall, an illustrator, designer, maker, teacher, and worldly thinker based in Portland, Oregon. He illustrated and silkscreened them too! Read an interview with Walter and purchase a stamp on The Portland Stamp Company website

The Artist Series is an ongoing collaboration between The Portland Stamp Company and invited designers, artists, and writers who create original poster stamp designs.

Walker Cahall artistamp


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Citizen Designers: Conversation with Civilization, Visible, FISK, and PLAZM

Please join us in Portland for a conversation exploring the role of design in igniting positive cultural change in our society, featuring participants from the upcoming program at Bend Design:

Plus, mingle with some of our local favorites who will be speaking at Bend Design this October 25, 26 + 27, including Jeff Kovel from SkyLab, Kim Kovel from Nike, John Demsey from W+K, and Lynette Xanders from Wild Alchemy.

Free event, limited seating. Reserve here.

Tue, August 21, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Nemo Design
1875 Southeast Belmont Street
Portland, OR 97214

Beer generously provided by Fort George Brewery.

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Ann Hamilton Habitus

Habitus, a new Ann Hamilton project is part of Converge 45 this summer. The scale and depth of this work is quite exceptional. Make a point to visit. It’s not often something like this will happen in Portland. To get a real time sense of the experience, take a look at the OnCreativity interview we did with Ann at her New York Armory installation Event of a Thread. 

“To recognize the possibilities within something is key.”
—Ann Hamilton 

For this remarkable installation Hamilton reimagines habitus, her critically acclaimed large-scale artwork for the location of Portland, Oregon. The artist designed twelve immense, cylindrical curtains intended for public engagement and activation in the outdoor pavilion at Centennial Mills, along the Northwest edge of the Willamette River. habitus was originally commissioned by The Fabric Workshop and Museum for the changing waterfront at Philadelphia’s Pier 9 in 2016. For this installation, the artist considers Portland’s past and present, addressing themes surrounding human connectivity and a sense of belonging.

You can participate in advance here by sharing literature responses to word prompts of “home”, “sanctuary” and “dwelling.” 

Centennial Mills Pavilion
1362 NW Naito Parkway (at NW 9th Avenue)

Free and open to the public
Fridays – Sundays, 3:00 – 7:00 pm
August 10 – September 16


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tear up this wall

New Portland Stamp Company poster stamps by artist and designer Bráulio Amado — these are in response to the current administration’s efforts to criminalize and dehumanize immigrants.

All proceeds benefit CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project: an organization providing legal services to families on the border.

Purchase stamps for $5 from Buy Olympia — to increase your donation, simply buy more than one stamp!


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Limited edition artistamps 1, 2, 3, & 4

Our first four artistamps are now available. All are in a signed limited edition of 100. From left to right:

No. 1 by Ed Fella. Less than five of these remain.

No. 2 by Brooklyn-based Canadian collage artist Allan Bealy. Each sheet in the limited edition of 100 is individually rubber-stamped and signed by Allan.

No. 3. by art director and illustrator Mia Nolting is a letterpress + digital combo.

No. 4 is by Japanese artist and illustrator Kentaro Okawara.

The Artist Series is an ongoing collaboration between The Portland Stamp Company and invited designers, artists, and writers who create original poster stamp designs.

View in more detail and read interviews with each artist on the making of their stamp on The Portland Stamp Company website. You can also order from there or purchase at


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So pleased to be included in this great new survey at Civilization’s Non-Breaking Space gallery in Seattle.

Along with Plazm you will find magazines art directed or created by Herb Lubalin, General Idea, Tibor Kalman, Shaz Madani, Clay Hickson, Liana Jegers, and countless contributors.

A cool thing about this show is that you can actually page through the magazines using white gloves.

Volume opens with a toast this Thursday July 12th from 6-8pm in Seattle and remains on view through August 29th.

The survey includes Eros, Fact, Avant Garde, FILE, Colors MagazinePLAZMRiposte Magazine, The Smudge.

On View
July 12 – August 29, 2018

532 1st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104

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Ed Fella: Some Odds to No End(s)

Our pal Ed Fella‘s show is opening at FISK Gallery, on lucky Friday the 13th. We’ve had so many fun collaborations with Ed over the years. Your attendance is highly recommended. A rare treat for PDX …

There is an opening reception at 7pm — details here:

For the opening our Portland Stamp Company made 50 commemorative stamps. They are available at the gallery only, $10. First come, first served.

Just for fun, here are a few of the things Ed has done for Plazm magazine over the years.

Cover, Plazm #17, 1998. Wait that was 20 years ago?

His first contribution was back in 1997 in Plazm issue 16. We did a 32-page newsprint coloring book that was inserted into each issue of the magazine. There were 30 great contributors in the coloring book alone! Ed Fella did the page shown here.

Speaking of 30, here’s a lovely Plazm 30 for our thirtieth issue.

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Remembering Chava Ben-Amos

Remembering the great designer, Pratt educator, and Holocaust survivor Chava Ben-Amos this Memorial Day. She passed earlier this month following bouts with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Rest in peace.

Two cuts of our OnCreativity interview with her can be found below.

Born in Prague in 1930, she and her family were sent to Auschwitz in World War II. She survived the Holocaust, emigrated to Palestine and fought in the war for Israel’s independence. She contracted polio and, as a wounded soldier, was awarded a scholarship to Bezalel Academy where she studied graphic design. She created the first series of stamps honoring the Holocaust in Israel and many other popular logos in American culture.

A more detailed telling of Chava Ben-Amos’ story can be found in this essay by Christian Cardona.

Chava also recorded testimony about her experience during the Holocaust through the Shoah Foundation, and it can be seen here

With the “OnCreativity” series, Plazm explores the nature of creativity and how it works via informal interviews with designers, artists, musicians, animators, and educators. Like creativity itself, their differing points of view inspire, provoke, confuse, and delight.

For more interviews visit

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You have to believe in yourself

OnCreativity sits down with artist Craig Costello aka KR, about creativity, risk-taking, and throwing the first punch.

Craig Costello began making his markers in the early 90s and sold them at the New York City store Alife. He has since collaborated with brands such as Nike, Levis, Cooper Mini, Incase, KidRobot, and more.

With the “OnCreativity” series, Plazm explores the nature of creativity and how it works via informal interviews with designers, artists, musicians, animators, and educators. Like creativity itself, their differing points of view inspire, provoke, confuse, and delight.

Director: Niko Courtelis
DP: Robert Bryant

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