Feeling Downright Neighborly

During the month of July, Plazm pulled up its roots once again and moved offices from the Ford Building on Division and SE 11th to the City Signs Building on SE 3rd street between Pine and Oak. Since then we have been joined by several other creative types occupying other rooms and floors of City Signs. Here’s a few of our current neighbors.

Glass Candy – Ida No (vocals) and Johnny Jewel (producers) make music. Here’s the pitchfork review for their latest album B/E/A/T/B/O/X released under the Italians Do It Better Record Label.

Ben Stagl – an artist, seasoned metals artisan and patineur, aspiring to make subliminal dreamscapes combining sculpture and new media. His mediums of choice include cast iron, coal, fabric, baloons, performance, video, and installation.

Pow Wow Printing – a collective printing studio specializing in vintage printing techniques. They cut lo-fi vinyl records, draw, paint, design, silkscreen, letterpress, make little plastic sculptures and allow a small child access to a snare drum.

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