Art Show at Fresh Pot

About 30 very very affordable works (unearthed from my basement,
mostly), are on sale right now at the Fresh Pot, on Mississippi in
North Portland (4001 N. Mississippi). These cute sailors are taken but more friends remain.

A bunch are works that Olivia Edith Fuente and I made together as
Spirit Palace Studios. More are just slightly mortifying paintings of
my own, from the past, that I just wanted to try to give to a good

They start at $20, and most stop at about $75. Would love it if you
came on down, checked them out, and considered taking a colorful 2-D
baby home…we spend that much on booze, jeans, and brunch sometimes,
why not art? I do custom stuff as well.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    sarah, how long is this show up, what are the hours, etc?

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