Michael Jackson, The Next Phase

Back in 1996 Rick Valicenti/Thirst guest-designed a cover for Plazm #14. His concept was to design a cover based on Michael Jackson’s “Next Phase.” There were a number of iterations. First just a highly polished, synthetic-looking face (pictured above). A subsequent comp found a metallic chrome protrusion emerging from Micheal’s forehead. I liked that one a lot and recall giving some minor comments to Rick. The next day I received an email with the latest version (pictured below) which we published. Rick said something like “we just peeled off his skin and reflected him back on himself.” Perhaps this is what Michael looks like in the afterlife? One can only speculate. I do know for sure that in commemoration of the King of Pop’s passing, Plazm #14 will be free with any order from the Plazm store during the month of July.

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