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The Speculative Frontier

Tonight is a wonderful night for film, music and food under the stars: THE SPECULATIVE FRONTIERFriday, July 31, 20098:00pm – 11:00pmGreymalken Center for Experimental Living, in Portland, Oregon.229 N Shaver, Portland, OR Experimental film + video inspired by Stan Brakhage’s … Continue reading

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In italics: haiku by interviewer Tiffany Lee BrownNot in italics: haiku by interviewee Aaron Gregory of GIANT SQUID… …a fine musical combo, appearing in Portland on August 1 and around the country throughout the summer. Details on touring and new … Continue reading

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A Deadbeat Summer

Swimming pools, beaches, thunderstorms, sunglasses, falling asleep in the park, and couch surfing across the states and back in a friend’s sister’s 1998 Honda with shoddy air conditioning. That’s what this mix is about. There’s still some good sunshine to … Continue reading

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Meeting Modernity Exhibition Tokyo!

Unearthed outside of the city of Sano in Tochigi-ken, this portrait photography series documents Japan as it engaged with modernization and commercial photography in the Meiji and Taishō Periods. This post marks the Tokyo opening of the Meeting Modernity Exhibition.Details: … Continue reading

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Two New Plazm Thread Artists Announced – Al Jaffee + E*Rock

We are happy to announce two new artists for upcoming Plazm Thread shirts. #1: E*Rock (November 09)#2: Mad Magazine’s Mr. Al Jaffee (for realz – January 10) Subscribe now and receive both these shirts and four others including the current … Continue reading

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Cooper Black Swash Italic

Cooper Black Swash Italic, now available on MyFonts. — plazm blog has moved to — — plazm design studio: — — plazm magazine & blog are now published by new oregon arts & letters: —

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Pedestal time… . Sometimes we need to call out the folks practicing around us that do lame shit. Problem #1: Punctuation and grammar. Why doesn’t “the establishment” take graphic design seriously? Because graphic designers have no sense of the mechanics … Continue reading

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Plazm Thread Presents Mr. Ed Fella’s Latest

Each month Plazm presents a new limited edition T-shirt design, once it’s gone, it’s gone. We call it “Plazm Thread.” This month’s shirt features a six color Ed Fella design that seemingly brings clarity to the economic collapse. The print … Continue reading

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Envisioning Information: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Lust put this together for De Volkskrant newspaper. It’s quite an amazing semiotic analysis and re-categorization of the sea of information we swim in. The Oogle search engine queries Google search and determines the semantic orientation of each word in … Continue reading

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Blur – Rick Valicenti Mash-up of Farrah and Michael

Following up from my post a week ago in tribute to Rick Valicenti’s 1996 cover for Plazm #14, now you can download Rick’s mash-up book “Blur.” Made a week or so ago in response to Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett’s … Continue reading

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