The Speculative Frontier

Tonight is a wonderful night for film, music and food under the stars:

Friday, July 31, 2009
8:00pm – 11:00pm
Greymalken Center for Experimental Living, in Portland, Oregon.
229 N Shaver, Portland, OR

Experimental film + video inspired by Stan Brakhage’s film ‘The Stars Are Beautiful’.
Curated by Brel Froebe and Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa (In Attendance)

with live music by new music project Chariotomic Found Sountain, featuring members of Powernap + Brainstorm.

8ish potluck / bbq
dusk: music
dark: screening

“Inspired by Stan Brakhage’s The Stars Are Beautiful (1974), a sound film that cycles through mythological explanations for the cosmos in dozens of permutations, the curators of tonight’s event devised an exploratory text that drew from science fiction, structural anthropology, and deep-space physics. They then approached artists from a wide range of disciplines to create new work in response to this cue, resulting in a series of projects–performances, music, lectures, films, and videos–that navigate across the Speculative Frontier, the boundary between the known and the unknown. Expect to see and hear: transmissions from Apollo 8, unidentified objects,black metal, alchemy, ghosts, gods, cartoons.”


“Ghost Forest” Mark Essen
“Apollo 8 Radio Address” Frank Borman
“Chiller and B-Flat’s” Jesse Malmed
“Aurora Borealis” Bradley Eros
“Circa” Katherine Bauer
“They Knew About Star Wars Mixtape” Chemtrailz
“The Portable Hole” Salter, Snowden, & Post
“Object 2” Andres Laracuente
“Keratin Reserve” Josh Gen Solondz
“Compendium_PP_321” Zak Kitnick
“Scaffolding for a Social Transformation Process” Brel Froebe
“Intimaci” Micaela Durand & Maximiliano Ferro
“I Just Called…” Chris Jolly
“Where Few Men Have Gone Before” Harry Crofton
“(Dis)continuity” Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
“Tranquility New York” Ted King & Jordan Stone
“In Operation” Pete Deevakul

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