Answer a few questions about your creative practice?

Designers, filmmakers, artists, writers: every day, we make decisions and take actions, large and small, that influence our lives and the world around us. What do you do, personally, that helps create meaning in your life and your work? What everyday habits do you cultivate?

Feel free to answer one or both of the questions above, in two sentences or less. Quotes may appear online and in my upcoming UCDA talk. Please let me know if I can use your name in my talk, or if you’d rather remain anonymous. –Joshua Berger, Creative Director, Plazm
Email josh (at) plazm.

More info about my talk:
Design Habits for the Future: Act, Collaborate, Do Meaningful Things

UCDA Design Conference, Seattle
Tuesday, Otober 6, 3:15 pm
More info:
Open to UCDA conference attendees

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