Yokoyama Yuichi new book: Baby Boom!

Yokoyama Yuichi’s latest book, Baby Boom, is out now. 160 pages of two- and three-color overprinted marker drawing madness. The book is primarily wordless (katakana onomatopoeia sound effects included, however) and an excellent introduction to the work of Japan’s leading contemporary avant garde manga artist. Yokoyama’s work has been translated into English and published by PictureBox in the U.S. to great acclaim.

I have a small stack of them available for $35 postpaid (shipping included worldwide) for those that might be interested. Hit me up at ian(at)ianlynam.com if you are interested- that’s my Paypal account ID, as well, should you want to go direct.

Super-duper-rad modular Japanese typography, awesome printing, and a rarity in the States for a while.

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