Two excellent shows open tomorrow

Michael Brophy
Cargo, 2010
oil on canvas
78″ x 90″

At the Laura Russo Gallery is a great pairing of Michael Brophy and Eric Stotik, both local painters who continue to expand the boundaries of their craft and subject matter. Both artists have been featured previously in Plazm magazine. Brophy in Plazm #21 and Stotik in Plazm #18.

First Thursday September 2, 2010

First Thursday Hours, 5-8pm

805 NW 21st Ave., Portland Oregon 97209
Tue – Fri 11 – 5:30 / Saturday 11 – 5

There are artist talks at the gallery with Michael Brophy and Eric Stotik, Saturday, September 11, at 11a.m.

Eric Stotik
Untitled LR193 (falling man in green; blue sky) 2010
acrylic on wood panel
13.5″ x 10.5″

Twelve blocks East at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery another lovely double-billing featuring Justine Kurland’s photographic series This Train is Bound for Glory.  and Stephen Hayes latest monotypes. Stephen Hayes was featured in Plazm #7

Stephen Hayes
Wild Beauty – Revisited #1917, 2010
monotype on paper
18.75″ x 33.25″

For two years Justine Kurland and her young son traveled throughout the American West, exploring what remains of our commercial rail system. Kurland photographed not only these trains in the landscape, but also the train hoppers and hobos who clandestinely ride the rails, as well as her own little family and its experience of the journey. The resulting photographs consider the romanticism and utopian fantasies inherent in the American experience, also presenting an extremely rare (in this day and age), extraordinarily personal relationship to the physical reality of our country and its industrial and social fringes. Plazm editor Jon Raymond wrote an introduction to Kurland’s monograph of this work. 

417 NW 9th Ave

First Thursday September 2, 2010

Tuesday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m

Justine KurlandCounting Hoppers, Glenwood Canyon  2008

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