New PlazmThread limited edition shirt – Luba Lukova

Check out this new limited edition shirt – 100 printed on American Apparel cotton – we are stoked!

Internationally recognized, New York based Luba Lukova is regarded as one of the most distinctive image-makers working today. Whether by using an economy of line, color, and text to pinpoint essential themes of the human condition or to succinctly illustrate social commentary, her work is undeniably powerful and thought provoking.

Order yours here.

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2 Responses to New PlazmThread limited edition shirt – Luba Lukova

  1. Emiah Chardon says:

    We really enjoyed this t-shirt and the marketing strategy behind it. Cant wait to see more like this. Check out Lauren Dimberg's analysis of the success of Luba Lukova's design.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comment and props on your blog – that's awesome. On Lauren's post, there is some incorrect information: Luba created this shirt not for American Apparel, but for Plazm. We simply printed them on American Apparel shirts. Best–RR

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