Plazm Kickstarter – support our 20th anniversary issue

Plazm #30: our 20th Anniversary Issue

We’ve got another big, beautiful magazine ready to go to press. Issue #30 features David Lynch, Bruce Sterling, and many other excellent artists and writers. We just need donations to help print it. We even got a grant, because high quality printing on truly good paper is very expensive these days and we like to keep our cover price affordable enough for regular people.

Unfortunately, our printer was bought out by another company that can’t honor our original bid, so we’re scrambling to raise the extra funds, extra fast. Help make it happen! You’ll win fabulous rewards, and if you request it, we’ll be happy to provide a receipt for your taxes—Plazm is now published by a nonprofit, New Oregon Arts & Letters.

Celebrate two decades of Plazm with us. Donate today.

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