Playa Prize – our newest – our latest – our last addition.

The Plazm fundraising sp@m will soon end. If we don’t raise another $3500 in the next week, we are hosed and don’t get any money at all.

We’re adding one last prize package (you get lovely reward gifts for donating). Called the Playa Prize, it features writing, photography, and a genuine Tarot reading. Not to be missed.

– Steven Fritz’s live, crackling portrait of the infamous Dr. Megavolt, signed, in large format. (Value $100)

– Tarot reading by phone or in real life in Portland, by Miss Magdalen of Mystical Mayhem, using the Burning Tarot deck. (Value $85)

– Signed copy of Burning Man Live: 13 Years of Piss Clear, Adrian Roberts’s hilarious anthology of alternative Playa publication classics. From the inimitable RE/Search books.

– Very special Burner mystery necklace.

– Copy of Plazm’s 20th anniversary issue

– Your name in the magazine and on our forthcoming website at

– Invitation to VIP event

– A Whole Lotta Love

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