Psycho-Geological Fantastical Ice Cream/Book Launch

Free ice cream launch and history lesson brought to you by Junior Ambassador (a.k.a. Rudy Speerschneider) this Thursday from 6-8 PM. Speerschneider is known for his work in a collective project(s) known as Mostlandia, which appeared at TBA and did many interesting things around Portland.

For the current occasion, on-demand art book builder Publication Studio has chronicled the life of the no longer extant/newly legendary Junior Ambassador’s Food Cart in a 400-odd-page album of surveys, to do lists, sales sheets, love & friendship indexes, journal notes, recipes, menus, fliers, drawings, emails, maps, photographs, poems, forms, business plans and thank you’s, now on U.S. tour as an installation with The People’s Biennial.

The big book and the latest batch of no-two-scoops-alike Universe Ice Cream are to be released in tandem under the last of the summer sun. Says Speerschneider of the homespun ice cream he continues craft despite the shuttering of his cart, “First, and most recently, it is: ‘A Portal to Mostlandia’…and still: ‘The Official Dish of Mostlandia’…and always ‘the “Oldest and most Famous frozen treat provisioner in Mostlandia’ oh, and it’s ‘Sweet Awesome’ too.”

Says Speerschneider of Mostlandia, “It was founded by the four members of the arts group the M.O.S.T. on the floor of our friend’s apartment, and after much map making, meetings, citizens and portal spectrometry, has come to be referred to, in one way or another, as: ‘a psycho-geological fantastical place, not-place place…when it’s not a matter of where, but how…it is nowhere, and now here.'”

Psychedelic sweets, tender moments, music, honoring the past, daydreaming of the future: September 22nd 6-8 @ the old cart spot on the grassy lot at 4734 N. Albina in Portland, Oregon. Free pints of Universe Ice Cream for buyers of the book. —Elizabeth Pusack

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