Neon Frontier on KZME 107.1FM: Reading Series Get National

People often have mixed feelings about readings. Readings can be long and boring, Or they can be performances, parties, political rallies, scenes. Portland, like a lot of other cities, has a long history of underground readings through many cultural moments, from Ken Kesey’s Poetry Happenings to today, when Portland is on the national tour circuit. Nora Robertson sat down with 90’s slam host Reuben Nisenfeld, Smalldoggies’ Matty Byloos and Carrie Seitzinger, Bad Blood’s Zachary Schomburg, Literary Mixtape’s Erik Bader, and Loggernaut’s Erin Ergenbright, Jesse Lichtenstein and Paul Toutonghi on Portland series then and now. Neon Frontier is a segment of KZME radio’s Artclectic show and explores Oregon’s evolving cultural space. Check out the broadcast on 107.1 FM on Sunday, October 9th, 5PM.

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