Wordstock Weekend: Go Here Now.

Plazm and New Oregon-related Authors at Wordstock

*2 pm Saturday, Oct 8: “The Death of Print and Humanity in the Digital Age.” Join Plazm editors/creators Tiffany Lee Brown (moderator), Jon Raymond, and Joshua Berger along with Born magazine’s Anmarie Trimble and Urban Honking’s Mike Merrill. A New Oregon Arts & Letters adventure. Wieden+Kennedy Stage, Oregon Convention Center.

*4 pm Sunday: “From Playboy to the Bible: Adapting Writing for Screen and Image.” With Andy Mingo, Mark Russell, Nora Robertson (moderator), Shannon Wheeler. A cartoonist, a humorist and a filmmaker sit down to discuss collaboration between writers and artists in visual mediums.A New Oregon Arts & Letters joint. Oregon Cultural Trust Stage.

12 pm Saturday: “My Censor, My Self.” Plazm contributor and “Chronology of Water” goddess-author Lidia Yuknavitch with Ben Moorad, Kerry Cohen, and Lynn Connor. Writers often suppress their own work before reviewers, readers and relatives have a chance to pass judgement. How to get around the snarkiest critic of all? Wieden+Kennedy Stage.

5 pm Saturday: Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis. Author and illustrator of middle reader book “Wildwood.” Maybe you caught their very first Wildwood appearance at the Plazm 20th Anniversary VIP event. Mr. Meloy (of the Decemberists) read, and Ms. Ellis donated a drawing of the book’s cover. So we heart them. If you missed it then, catch it now! McMenamins Stage.

1 pm Sunday: “Mean Girls.” Plazm contributor Lisa Wells joins, Chelsea Cain, Moira Young, and Karen Karbo to discuss: What is it about mean girls that we love to hate? And how do writers make a mean girl we care about? Wordstock Community Stage.

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