Neon Frontier on 107.1 FM: Skatepark Revolution

By the  early 90’s, skateboarding was in a slump again.  The sport had gotten to a new level in California in the 70’s when skaters brought surf-style moves to the empty swimming pools and decaying urban infrastructure that littered the edges of towns like Venice Beach. But then, street skating ran into community opposition in most parts of the country, and skate parks were having liability issues.  Mark Scott, Dreamland Skateparks owner and one of the original builders of the Burnside skatepark, sat down with me to discuss how it took a DIY community of Portland skaters building an indie skatepark under the Burnside bridge, in cooperation with the local business community and retroactively approved by the city, to kick off what Mark described to me as the skatepark revolution.

Check out the podcast on 107.1 FM here.

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