[PANK] Invades Portland

[Pank] Magazine is bringing its national reading series, [PANK] Invasion, to Portland this Friday at E.A.T Chapel with readers Monica Drake, Gigi Little, Ryan Bradley, Marcelle Heath, Rebecca Olson, and Domi Shoemaker.  I caught up with editor M. Bartley Seigel to ask him a few questions about [PANK] and the imminent invasion.  

 [Pank] fosters access to emerging and experimental poetry and prose.  What is the edge of things these days?

The edge of things tends to find us, and all we can really do is decide whether or not to publish it.

Find out more about what you can expect from a [PANK] invasion and running an arts collective on peanuts and duct tape after the jump.

[PANK] is an arts collective based at Michigan Technological University.  Is it still important for a literary outlet to be attached to a university or based in a city?

Don’t kid yourself about institutional affiliation. We’re not the Virginia Quarterly. We run [PANK] on peanuts, duct tape, and a lot of hustle and volunteer labor. Both of our institutions provide us a kind of safe haven and stability, but not much else.  Think Cormac McCarthy at the Sante Fe Institute.

And, god no, lit outlets needn’t be based out of universities or cities. Journals put out by MFA or English programs aren’t generally very good in my opinion, what with committees and boards of trustees doing their best to kill what makes art tick. Cities, in my opinion, tend toward myopia in the same ways. Cliques form. There’s enough people in the near vicinity that cities cease to engage much beyond their limits. That’s not always the case, but you see it a lot.

How do you decide where to invade?

The Portland and Seattle readings began with me having a conference in Seattle. To date, we’ve invaded Chicago, DC, Brooklyn, New Orleans and San Francisco.

What can we expect from an invasion?

Poetry and prose readings from [PANK] contributors and friends. And drinking. There is usually drinking.

The Romans would go in to expand their territory. After we’re invaded by [PANK], will we be part of an empire when you leave?

I like to think of us more like Visigoths, invading and sacking Rome. [PANK] is coming for your treasure and your women, figuratively speaking.

Catch more of [PANK] this Friday the 23rd at E.A.T. Chapel, 850 NE 81st St., 7PM.  Co-presented with Burnside Review and Housefire Publishing.  This interview was edited for clarity.

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