A Message from Josh (and his new pal, Mitt Romney)

Official Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign Poster

Poster by Joshua Berger & Gus Nicklos, plazm.com

On May 18, 2012, I was riding my bicycle to Liquid Agency, as I do most mornings. Eyewitness accounts are fuzzy, but apparently I swerved and hit the brakes to avoid some kind of obstruction, went flying over the handlebars, and did a face-plant on the pavement. My helmet probably saved my life. I sustained a “moderate to severe traumatic brain injury” (TBI), according to a medical report which I am now looking at. I was taken to OHSU, intubated, and given serial CT brain scans.

I don’t remember any of that. The first thing I remember was waking up in the brain rehab unit at Providence two weeks later. It has been a long road to recovery. I have had to re-learn a ton of basic things. Like walking. And not-so-basic things, like reading, writing, or creating a poster. I’m not fully functioning or returning to work yet, but I’m at the point where I can make public comments like this one.

I want to take a minute to thank all of the friends, family, past business associates, collaborators, acquaintances, compatriots, the list is so long. It is your support, well-wishes, thoughts, and energy which has given me the strength to put in the effort and work towards a full recovery. Really. It means the world to me, and to my family. Also a special thanks to my medical team, they have been amazing. I have a ways to go, but I am a lot better than I was four or five months ago. Just to illustrate, here’s a photo my wife took of a white board in my hospital room. Every day the nurses would write a list of things to try to accomplish that day. In the early days, it was a very short list. As you can see. I moved from the goal of “waking up” once a day to using a wheelchair, then a walker, then a cane. I still have the cane, but I can see the day in the near future where I will no longer need that.

My occupational and speech language pathologists challenged me to try to create a poster, or some other piece of design communication, so I made one for Mitt Romney. I know he has binders full of women, but clearly he needs all theĀ help he can get in spreading his message of economic prosperity. I enlisted the assistance of my friend Gus Nicklos to collaborate and develop this Mittopoly poster. Thanks, Gus! Click the image above for a high resolution version. Please feel free to share and propagate this artwork as you see fit.

Thank you all again for the love, energy, and support. I look forward to seeing you, hugging you, talking with you, and collaborating with you in the near future.



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12 Responses to A Message from Josh (and his new pal, Mitt Romney)

  1. Brian Richardson says:

    Great to see your unstoppable creative energy rising to the top once again. Hope your recovery continues at its frantic and necessary pace. Looking forward to watching you fly by me on the slopes once again.
    Brian (the intern, until someone else is)

  2. rv branham says:

    it is terrific to see you turn your therapy into creative activism…

  3. Diane Stewart says:

    Josh, I think about you every day and visualize your complete recovery. It is great to see your progress but have to tell you for a split second I thought maybe you were a Romney supporter and I thought, ‘you have a ways to go on recovery, dude’. Imagine my relief. Hope to see you one of these days soon.

  4. Hey Josh,
    It’s terrific to see this. I’m happy to hear you’ve progressed so far in such a short period of time (although I suspect it may occasionally feel like an eternity). Congratulations.
    I’m also thrilled to see you’re throwing your support behind Mitt. Your poster is begging to also become a bumper sticker and a billboard.

  5. RCH says:

    You’re funny!

  6. sts says:

    I *knew* you were back in action as soon as I read “Click the image above for a high resolution version.” Its good to have you back Josh. Keep being your badass self! xosts

  7. Dear Mr. Berger and Mr. Nicklos:

    On behalf of the Mitt Romney for President 2012 Election Committee, the Koch Brothers, Bain Capital, and the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, thank you for your contribution to Mitt-inspired art.

    Some of my personal favorites can be found here. Thank you and may the Lord bless this great nation of golden tablet worshipers.





    and of course


  8. HJ BOTT says:

    Wonderful post, especially about your recovery. Sarah Horowitz shared this with me and it will now go on FB again. Keep up the plazm.com.

  9. Long Lam says:

    I am glad to see you have not lost your sense of humor. Keep it up Josh!

  10. Way to go Josh!!!!
    Mitt is lucky to have talented friends like you and Gus. Keep up the good work, and keep us smiling! All if us are looking forward to having you back. Please feel free to invite Mitt and a binderful of his women to come celebrate your recovery and return to work!!

  11. Josh, you’re a survivor and I wish you a quick and full recovery. I’ve been there too.. Stay strong and positive every day. We’re all sending our best wishes and looking forward to seeing you soon again in NYC or Portland! We need you to keep up the good work! Cheers.

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