100 x 100 for Josh: a PICA celebration & fundraiser on Feb 24

100x100-josh-logo-150dpi Hello, people of Plazm… On February 24, our friends at PICA are very kindly putting on an event for Josh due to his bike accident, with help from many wonderful friends and compatriots. We hope you’ll come. There’ll be art from 100 artists and designers, from Milton Glaser to Storm Tharp to Kristy Edmunds, with music from Sam Coomes of Quasi, e*rock, and others.

As you may have heard: Plazm art director & Liquid Agency creative director Joshua Berger was in a serious bicycle accident last May, and sustained a TBI, aka Traumatic Brain Injury. He will be there to say hi to everybody—though keep in mind it will be pretty overwhelming for him and he will spend some time resting elsewhere in the building. His recovery is still ongoing, but going very well. He’s now working ten hours a week, bicycling (!!!)*, and continuing his speech-language cognitive work and other therapies.

In addition, if you’d like to participate in the “Art Dash” that’s happening in lieu of an auction, the organizers ask that you please oh please purchase your art-ticket as soon as possible. You can be part of it even if you can’t be there in person. The Dash described below, but basically? You spend $100 and walk home with a work of art. Tickets are available at www.tinyurl.com/joshpica (Brownpapertickets).


100×100 for Josh
Sun . Feb 24 . 3-6 pm
PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art)
415 SW 10th Ave, Suite 300, Portland

Short musical sets from Sam Coomes (Quasi, Heatmiser), Ray Reposa (Castanets, Raymond Byron & the White Freighter), Tuvan throat singer Enrique Ugalde (Soriah), Grey Anne, WC Beck, and a special guest. And the inimitable e*rock will spin, too. Performative auctionary experience by AC Dickson. Beer from Fort George Brewery, food from Tastebud, love and good vibes from all of you.

All ages
Suggested donation $10-20
Pre-purchase Art Dash tickets for $100 (includes admission) at tinyurl.com/joshpica (links to brownpapertickets.com)

==== ART DASH ====

You can be part of the Art Dash even if you can’t come to the event. The dash involves donating $100 and when your ticket number is called by the inimitable AC Dickson, you select a piece of art off the wall. You choose from 100 works by artists like Storm Tharp, Ed Fella, Cynthia Lahti, Milton Glaser, Harrell Fletcher, Susan Seubert, and Kristy Edmunds… depending when your number gets called! Nan Curtis and Marty Houston are creating a special series of portraits of Josh as well. If you can’t be there in person, PICA will assign a proxy to dash for art on your behalf. More artists are listed below.


Back when Josh’s friends and family first began planning this event, we didn’t know when or whether Josh would able to walk or work, much less show up at his own party. His recovery is going well, so he’ll be there to say “hi” to all of you. His family has been blessed with incredible support of all kinds from friends, family, and community, but they’ve experienced medical expenses and a significant loss of income, and are grateful to PICA and friends for making this happen. Josh’s recovery is documented erratically at getwelljosh.com

===== THANK YOU! =====

Enormous thanks to PICA, Melissa Delzio, Tastebud Farms, Fort George Brewery, Pushdot Studios, AIGA, Premier Press, Derek Ecklund, Rebekah Scheer, Thomas Bradley, Jeremy Bittermann, Sarah Cline, Jon Raymond, Liquid Agency, and all the donors, sponsors, volunteers, artists, organizers, musicians, and friends who’re making this possible.


Adam Garcia
Adam Sorenson
Alexis Mollomo
Alfredo Muccino
Brad Simon
Chris Haberman
Chris Johanson
Chris Knight
Christina Seely
Clare Carpenter
Corey Lunn
Cynthia Lahti
Dan Attoe
Dave Walsh
Ed Fella
El Rey Del Art
Erik Stotik
Erin Holcomb
Gabriel Liston
Gus Nicklos
Harrell Fletcher
Heather Watkins
Jason Bacon
Jeff Foster
Jeff Jahn
Jeffry Mitchell
Jennifer Armbrust
Jeremy Bittermann
Jeremy Pelley
Jerry Ketel
Jordan Domont
Jose Cabaco
Kathryn Lippert
Keegan + Meegan
Kristan Kennedy
Kristen Rogers Brown
Kristy Edmunds
Lloyd Winter
Malia Jensen
Marcus Swanson
Mark Faigenbaum
Mary Kysar
Melody Owen
Michael Brophy
Michael Buchino
Midori Hirose
Mike King
Milton Glaser
Nan Curtis & Marty Houston
Neva Knott
Patrick Long
Paul Fujita
Philip Iosca
Robbie McLaran
Sam Guerrero
Santiago Uceda
Sarah Cline
Sean Healy
Stephanie Snyder
Steve Sandstrom
Storm Tharp
Susan Seubert
Thomas Bradley
Tom O’Toole
Tsilli Pines
Vanessa Renwick
Will Bryant
Zak Margolis

* – worried exclamation points courtesy of Josh’s wife and Plazm co-editor Tiffany

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