The future is going to be weird.


The complexity of the brain’s connections comes from the complexity of our experience. Not only does our brain create our thoughts, but our thoughts create our brains.

Have a listen to these twenty-two minutes with futurist Ray Kurzweil interviewed on Marketplace Tech¬†by David Brancaccio.¬†Kurzweil works for Google on Artificial Intelligence and the convergence of humans and technology. There’s a point in this interview where he suggests we’ll all be backing up our brains to the cloud in a few years. Some of this stuff seems out there, but it does not surprise me. Frighten me, yes. Surprise me, no. We shall see. I can pretty much guarantee one thing, the future is going to be weird.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Curious how he plans to deal with the mutual relationship our brain has with our stomach?

    Chinese medicine has always acknowledged the connection between the brain and the stomach also. Although artificial intelligence is interesting, but how will we be uploading our stomachs to the cloud? :)

    Anyways, I guess I’m seeing more and more of a disconnect between people who believe in technology, medical science and old world knowledge.

    As Thomas J. Watson Sr. said “To visualize the future…you must know something of the past”

    I will admit that we will have to deal with AI as there is no escaping it. So how can we approach it in a less Wild West everything is simple and approach it in a way of respect for nature, history and acknowledge the complexity of our natures.

    Although this is where design plays an interesting role. For awhile I was afraid of the concept of AI, but when I see cute little origami robots:

    Sorry rambling. Great post!

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