May 18


Hi friends

It’s been about two months since my last post following the 100 x 100 event at PICA. I aspire to be as productive as I once was, but the level of energy is slow in coming back. 

I wrote this note on May 18th, the one year anniversary of my bike accident, to friends and supporters who have helped throughout my recovery. Now I am sharing it here.

It’s quite a thing to think about. How life can change in an instant. I encourage everyone to take the time you need to do those things which give you the most joy and fulfillment. These are not things to put off and do later, they are things to prioritize.

Sitting here being thankful for life. It’s been a journey, this past year. That’s for sure. I have a deep appreciation for all of the help and support from all the friends, family, and community that has come our way. One thing I have learned — I guess this has always been obvious — but it comes into stark relief when something like this happens, is that now is all we have. Two minutes ago is history. Learn from the past, don’t dwell in it. Do those things which most fulfill you.

I have passed many milestones during my recovery from re-learning to walk and cook to getting back on a bike and playing basketball. I have worked my way back up to about half-time now at Liquid Agency. I am thankful to have such an understanding and compassionate employer. I continue to face a variety of challenges and work towards a 100% recovery. I am told that the recovery time for such a traumatic brain injury is about two years. However, I have learned through this process that there really is no plateau or finish line. The brain is an amazing thing and can continue to learn and grow throughout life. The book “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge is a fascinating read if you are interested in learning more about the growth potential of the mind. As long as I am recommending things, this TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor is pretty inspiring too. She is a neuroscientist who had a massive stroke and spent like eight years recovering.

I am still working on collecting images of each of the 100 x 100 art pieces. The work was superb and since the exhibit was only up for a few hours, I would like to put together an online gallery of all the art. I’ll post here when it is available to view.

I also was recently was fortunate enough to attend some of the Dalai Lama events here in Portland. I will leave you with a few of his words.

“Be optimistic. A pessimistic attitude is the real source of failure.”




PS. Thanks to my friend Jack for this photo he shot in Amsterdam last week.

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