Sooner or Later: the Neo Boys get their due.


It’s hard to know how influential a band like the Neo Boys are.

For those who don’t know, the Neo Boys were a young all-female punk band from the late 70s in Portland, Oregon. Their first show was opening for Television. An auspicious start. The also played with The Wipers and recorded and released records with Greg Sage. Plazm published a brief text with a Thomas Robinson photo a few years ago in issue #29 when we did a chronology of Portland DIY music (poster below by Linda Reynen RIP).

The music itself has been hard to come by for a long time.

Yesterday, K Records in Olympia opened the doors for pre-ordering Sooner Or Later. They call it “as complete a collection as we can concoct of the Neo Boys history, told chronologically, from 1978-82.” They joined forces with Mississippi Records in Portland to create a gatefold double LP version.

The Neo Boys were important. The exciting thing about a release like this is that it not only celebrates, but has the potential to revitalize and expand the memory and meaningfulness of what these women did all those years ago.

It’s hard to know how influential the Neo Boys will become.
Rock on.


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