Plazm 1991–2013 with an E*Rock Soundtrack

A few months ago Alfredo asked me if I could fill the lobby of the Liquid Agency offices in Portland with a history of Plazm. Some of you may have stopped in during the Design Week Portland open house and got to see the exhibit along with a bunch of other Liquid work. We plan to have a public event around the Plazm exhibit in January.

One of the things we created for this show was this video. Katelyn, my intern over the summer, turned every page of every issue of Plazm magazine. E*Rock made a very cool score for the video. It’s on display in the lobby and visible from the street as well. Now you can view it from the comfort of wherever you are comfortable. It’s odd how time compresses. I don’t know what the math is, but in real time it took 22 years to make this work. You can watch it in about two hours.

Thanks to Liquid Agency for making all this happen!

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