Stamps ate my brain

102114_Image01_5980383b-6c28-4119-9b52-6c8b05c5e3c8 (1)Join Plazm’s Niko Courtelis for a talk at the Hand Eye Supply Curiosity Club. First Curiosity Club in the new location!

Stamps are tiny pieces of eye candy with great stories. Niko’s is a cautionary tale of a casual pursuit that’s become a passionate obsession. The discussion will range from his childhood stamp collecting and graphic excellence, to correspondence and mail art, and the absurdity of collecting turn-of-the-last-century perforating machines. He’ll be sharing some very unusual, artful, and rare stamps. There’s a lot more to these little things than you might think!

6–7 PM
Tuesday 10/21/14
Hand Eye Supply


Here’s the talk if you missed it:



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