Art Chantry’s Heretical Design History

Art Chantry has a new book out and he speaks at Powell’s Tuesday at 7:30 pm



Art has shaped much of contemporary design with his hands-on, low-fidelity techniques and his unapologetic, poignant ideas. He is a design icon.

We’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with Art over the years in the pages of Plazm magazine and in two books we have authored. Below is the first fax he sent me when working on the cover for issue #15 (1997).



There are a few silkscreen posters of that cover still available.  Purchase at BuyOlympia if your interested.


The last time Art was here in Portland for an event was in 2007. Plazm put it together with PNCA. We designed the poster and companion matchbooks below. I remember a conversation over dinner before his presentation and Art talking in detail about design history. Not the kind you might have read about in history books, but a kind that exists in both ubiquity and obscurity. Since then I have followed along as he began posting on Facebook, sharing a similar conversation with the world—a personal view of history, shaped by being present and participating.

Anyone interested in the design history you couldn’t read about in books—until now—should check this out. Powell’s Tuesday at 7:30 pm


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