Urban Goats & Comic Sans

IMG_7255Although I have never personally been a user of the much maligned typeface Comic Sans, I recently found there are actually appropriate uses for the font.

Many Portlanders fondly remember the goats grazing over on Southeast Belmont Avenue. They were fun and quirky, yet thoroughly practical in keeping the grasses down—a great example of Portland doing things right.

Well the goats did their job, but now they are out of a job. Well, sort of. They are still all over the area—at least as marketing mascots for the various parties building this monster development.

There’s a lot of development going on these days in Portland. There is also much concern about the changing landscape—in particular the long-term affordability for the people that have lived and worked here for many years.

Back when Plazm started in 1991 the idea that people would want to come here in droves—let alone view Portland as a place of cultural influence and significance—was beyond the realm of possibility.

The developers, lawyers, and contractors have not been shy in using the goats to promote their project. There are goats on practically every sign in the construction site.

It turns out the goats have something to say about it all. And they typeset their comments in Comic Sans. 
IMG_7259 IMG_7254 IMG_7247IMG_7260IMG_7269IMG_7267IMG_7268

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