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In 2008 I worked on an anti-John McCain poster, in 2012 anti-Mitt Romney art. I like to make political posters. To use my training in design for something important. But this year is different. More urgent. More personal.

As the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I find Donald Trump to be deeply frightening. He has taken fringe racist and anti-semitic elements and given them a mainstream megaphone. This is very dangerous for our country far beyond this election cycle.

His rise mirrors that of the rise of Hitler and takes directly from that hate-filled playbook. This is not a comparison I make lightly. But I know my history. I can feel this threat in my bones.

I found myself recalling an anti-Nazi photomontage by John Heartfield entitled “Adolf, Superman” that I studied in design school. I have taken the liberty of updating it here to reflect the current peril we face as a nation.

Useful links

Register to vote—all US state deadlines
176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be President—Keith Olbermann in top form
This is How Fascism Comes to America—The Washington Post
Making America Hate Again—In an exceptional 30 minute speech, Hillary Clinton succinctly elucidates the danger we face.
John Heartfield—Wikipedia

Vote this election

I want to add that I worked for and supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries and that I will vote for Hillary Clinton in November. I believe it is important to vote for her. Staying home helps Trump. A vote for Jill Stein helps Trump. Republicans who care about their party might consider voting for Gary Johnson.

Yes, Clinton is an establishment candidate with vast corporate ties. There are things she stands for that I disagree with—and I will continue to actively work and organize against those beginning November 9, 2016. None of these are as evil as the violence and hate Trump is espousing.

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    Bold image!!!
    bad history and bad news

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