Who is this slimy creature?

Twenty years ago, in Plazm issue #9, we invited the Guerrilla Girls to do the inside front cover. They provided this nifty educational ad about Newt Gingrich.

Back then Newt was Speaker of the House in the mid 1990s. When he was elected he came up with the slick marketing term “Contract with America.” In our office we referred to it as a “Contract on America.”

Well, the slimy creature resurfaced this year as Chief Planner in the new Trump administration. He rehashed his marketing ploy calling Trump’s first hundred days a “Contract with the American Voter.” We can say the same thing now as twenty years ago: It’s a contract on the American voter.

Newt is no more moderate today than he was then so we are republishing the Guerrilla Girls ad. He continues to happily erode common decency and enrich the corporate class. Newt helped us get here, in his special slimy, hypocritical way.


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