Chava Ben-Amos: I just keep doing it again and again and again

Packaging Designer and educator Chava Ben-Amos talks with OnCreativity about the creative process, problem solving, and artistic style.

Born in Prague in 1930, she and her family were sent to Auschwitz in World War II. She survived the Holocaust, emigrated to Palestine and fought in the war for Israel’s independence. She contracted polio and, as a wounded soldier, was awarded a scholarship to Bezalel Academy where she studied graphic design. She created the first series of stamps honoring the Holocaust in Israel and many other popular logos in American culture.

With the “OnCreativity” series, Plazm explores the nature of creativity and how it works via informal interviews with designers, artists, musicians, animators, and educators. Like creativity itself, their differing points of view inspire, provoke, confuse, and delight.

A more detailed telling of Chava Ben-Amos’ story can be found in this essay by Christian Cardona.

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